Benefits of the MagnaPool System

Benefits of the MagnaPool System

Mainstream Pools are the expert pool builders known for designing and constructing unique and stunning concrete pools for homes throughout Brisbane. As summer approaches, we can guarantee your pool will be the most innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly of its kind when we install one of Zodiac’s revolutionary MagnaPool systems.

Mainstream Pools are licensed installers of the MagnaPool in Brisbane, Australia’s most trusted and groundbreaking pool system that uses natural minerals in the water to enhance the swimming experience while significantly cutting back on chemicals. The system can also be run on a Zodiac variable speed pump which can dramatically reduce power usage – the ideal choice for those eco-minded families preparing for a hot Queensland summer.

The MagnaPool system is based around magnesium hydroxide, commonly known as milk of magnesia which is frequently used to treat skin conditions topically like eczema and as an antiperspirant. The combination of minerals replicate the properties of therapeutic natural springs, allow a detoxing and luxurious swimming experience in your own custom-made Mainstream Pool.

The system uses the highly functional hydroxinator device to monitor and convert the mineral blend in to magnesium hydroxide and also mimic non-synthetic chlorine as a by-product creating a very effective sanitary substance. This reduction of chemicals means the MagnaPool system is the safest option for children, pets and even plants, saving you water, electricity, money and most importantly stress.

Mainstream pools are fulfilling the dream of more Australian families to have an affordable, free form or formal structure pool on their property. We can install a system that has been designed to fit in with your existing structure while ensuring a highest quality, safe and appealing pool is achieved.

Whether you are planning for a new family pool, renovations or commercial swimming pool, Mainstream Pools can fit the revolutionary MagnaPool your Brisbane property. There’s no better time to invest in the most environmentally friendly and power efficient mineral pool structure on the market.

To enquire about a Zodiac MagnaPool Brisbane, call us today on 07 3806 5407 or email [email protected]

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