Importance of Great Pool Lighting

Importance of Great Pool Lighting

I think most people would agree with me when I say that swimming at night is much more fun than swimming during the day. I believe that this is due to the amazing choice of lights that technology has given us. Not only does pool lighting provide a great thrill for the kids, but it also creates fantastic mood lighting for your party, gathering or backyard BBQ. Simply put, pool lighting can turn your pool into a modern fairy-tale wonderland with almost seamless ‘glowing water’ that lights up your whole backyard. Wanting to keep it mellow? Stick with a modern blue or white hue. Looking to spice things up? Opt for some rainbow lights that change and mould into each other as they transform your pool. Nothing says class better than a blue-lit pool in contrast with the beautiful yellow/orange lights on your patio.

You merely need to scroll through our gallery to notice the difference some great pool lighting can make to a modern backyard. Here at mainstream pools we think past the usual pool design features and focus on intricate things such as how your lighting will bounce off certain pool faces to create the greatest illusion. We love to push boundaries and think about things such as how we can light up the faces of your guests (pun intended) and add a bit of magic into every-day life.

We know that deep in your hearts you get excited when you show up at a party or BBQ and see a perfectly lit backyard that has clearly been expertly designed with great lighting in mind (we also know that your kids go crazy for it too). When designing your pool with us, be sure to ask us how we can help you add a bit more light into your life. Your satisfaction (and the satisfaction of your family and guests) is extremely important to us, so contact us today to talk about great lighting that compliments every design aspect of your pool.

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