It’s All About Location!

It’s All About Location!

The old saying, “location is everything” is all too true, particularly when it comes to finding the perfect spot to build your dream pool.

At Mainstream Pools, we understand the importance of building a pool that you’ll love for years to come, as a swimming pool is a lifelong investment that will enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your family home. From the initial stages of designing your concrete pool right through to selecting a cost effective and safe location to situate the pool, it’s important to seek expert advice from experienced and qualified pool builders.

Finding the right location for your concrete pool is much more than just determining the ideal fit for your yard dimensions, slope, soil type, and accessibility for construction equipment. At Mainstream Pools, our qualified professionals will work with your design vision and style to find a suitable location that will also save you time and money in the future.    

Before throwing yourself in the deep end, here are a few to points to consider when choosing a cost effective spot to place your pool: 


While a light breeze makes our scorching hot Queensland summers all the more bearable, positioning your pool in a windy location can leave you out of pocket in the long run.

By having your pool located in a cross breeze, the wind will dramatically increase water evaporation, resulting in you having to constantly add water to maintain the required levels. Not only will this require manual maintenance, it will also result in ongoing costs.

At Mainstream Pools, our professional team can assess your landscape and weather conditions to find a suitable location for your concrete pool. Whether it’s locating a wind-free area or incorporating preexisting shrubbery or fencing to block the windbreak, our team will incorporate their expertise with your design inspiration to find a solution that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Natural Light & Heat

Mainstream Pools recommend finding an open location that is exposed to natural sunlight and distanced from shrubbery and trees.

By situating your pool in the sunlight, you’re guaranteed a more pleasant pool temperature all year round, particularly during the cooler months of the year. After all, why would you want to spend money on something you can’t get maximum usage out of?

Likewise, by distancing the pool from shrubbery and trees, you can rest assured that you won’t be spending every weekend scraping debris out of the pool.


When selecting the right location to build your concrete pool, it’s vital to know the land you’re building on. It’s important to be able to identify any potential threats that could leave you out of pocket in the long run, including buried sewer lines, septic systems, electric cables or power lines.

Not to mention, the safety hazards far outweigh the costs involved with fixing any damage so make sure you know the land you’re building on and know the hazards associated with it.

Low-lying area

If you live on a hilly or sloped property, it’s important to know the problems involved with placing your pool in a low-lying area. While the earthworks to level the ground may be an expensive procedure, it will be miniscule compared to the energy and time going into maintaining a pool situated in a low-lying area. Why, you ask?

With heavy rain the pool is bound to flood, resulting in debris and mud sliding into the pool, leaving you with a costly and time consuming clean up job.

At Mainstream Pools, pool construction is our business and our passion. With years of experience in the industry, our qualified and professional workers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding the right location for your pool; based on the weather conditions, yard dimensions, slope, soil type, pool design and the land type. Whether you live in a small suburban block or mountainous acreage, we can design the perfect pool to meet your requirements, lifestyle and budget that won’t leave you out of pocket in the long run.

If you want to ensure your concrete pool is done right the first time, give Mainstream Pools a call today on (07) 3806 5407. 

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