Pool Cleaners: Which one is right for you?

Pool Cleaners: Which one is right for you?

Even though we’re in the middle of winter, it’s still important to maintain pool cleanliness so that you can use it as soon as things heat up again. There are plenty of different pool cleaners to choose from to help keep your pool clean: From the state of the art robotic cleaners, to the Australian summer icon of Kreepy Krawlies. All of the different varieties of pool cleaners have their positives and negatives so it can be difficult to figure out which cleaner will be right for you.

Suction Cleaners

The most recognised of all pool cleaners, suction cleaners are what you will most commonly find in a pool. These types of cleaners tend to be constantly running, and work by attaching the cleaner’s hose to the skimmer box, then using the suction created by the filtration system to clean up all of the grime! These type of cleaners can be found in two different models, which are inertia driven and geared. The inertia driven cleaners will go all over the pool with no programmed course, so they can take a while to clean everything. However the geared suction cleaners will have a pre-programmed pattern that makes sure all areas of the pool are cleaned quickly. A positive of these cleaners is that they are easy to install, and cheaper than other cleaners.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaners are a step above the suction cleaners in both power and efficiency. Pressure cleaners do however require an additional pump in order for them to work. This is because the cleaner moves around from the pressure caused by the two lines of water being pumped through the cleaner. A benefit of the pressure cleaner is that it is able to vacuum up larger objects such as sticks, rocks, and leaves. Also, the debris dosen’t end up in the filter box, which helps remove extra stress applied to the filtration system. The real positives about pressure cleaners is that they are quicker than suction cleaners, vacuum into tight corners, and are able to suck up the larger debris that the suction cleaners cannot. However, the pressure cleaners are another step up price-wise from the suction cleaners, and will need more maintenance than the suction cleaner alternatives.

Robotic Cleaners

These cleaners are definitely the most convenient of the options, but are also the most expensive. Robotic cleaners are powered by electricity (you will need a power point close by) and will quickly clean your pool. If you have a larger pool, this should be your go to option as it will be able to clean your pool the quicker than the other choices. However, they can be slightly less convenient than the other options as they need need to be removed from the pool when their job is done. The robotic cleaners are also the most expensive to run, and do not filter the water as they clean your pool.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that you’re keeping your pool clean all year round!

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