Pool Heating Options in Brisbane

Pool Heating Options in Brisbane

Winter is approaching but that doesn’t mean your swimming days have to be over. Here at Mainstream Pools, we believe the family pool is an investment that should be enjoyed all year round with a little help from a heating system. While heating adds additional costs to your pool running fees, the various types available mean that you can chose one to suit your needs and budget. Follow our guide to understand which option is best for you.


Solar Pool Heating:

Harnessing free solar energy through a roof located collector, solar pool heating is the perfect option for the budget and environmentally conscious pool owner. After the system’s initial start-up cost, solar heating’s only additional cost is the running of a booster pump, making solar the cheapest heating solution. However, solar heating relies on consistent light source to work effectively, which means lower pool temperatures throughout winter, depending on your location.


Electric Heat Pump:

Electric Heat Pumps work by collecting heat from the atmosphere and transferring it to pool water. With very low total energy consumption, this option is perfect for eco-friendly pool owners. While the system’s effectiveness depends on air temperature, electronic heat pumps will comfortably heat your pool season round in Australia. While start-up costs are the most expensive out of all options, off peak electricity pricing results in heat pumps having the lowest running costs for ongoing pool heating.


Electric Element:

With a low initial cost and small unit size, electric element heating systems are ideal for smaller pool spaces, when gas supply is unavailable, or heat pump installation needs cannot be met. Running costs should be kept in mind when choosing this option, as peak electricity costs are more expensive than gas.


Gas Heating:

Gas heating’s biggest advantage is its heating power. A gas system has the ability to heat a cold pool within a day, making this option fantastic for pool owners who regularly entertain. However, this power comes at a cost – gas heating systems are the most expensive option, with high start-up and running costs attached.


Let Mainstream Pools help you make the most of your new pool and ask us about heating options today!

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