Pool Styles for Summer

Pool Styles for Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s not too late to get that dream pool built! Pools are great for exercise, providing a relaxed atmosphere for social gatherings, and of course for having fun. But if you’ve ever thought about getting a pool installed, you may have realised that pools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From tropical to Mediterranean, there is an overwhelming amount of pool styles to choose from. At Mainstream Pools we have an impressive gallery of free form and formal style pools to browse, but for your convenience we’ve provided a brief description of several subcategories of pool styles to choose from, and a few tips here and there, so you can narrow down your choices and get the pool of your dreams!


Mediterranean pools are best characterised by their aqua water colour and pool shape – typically rectangular with crescent shaped ends. This style often features blue and white ceramic tiles accentuating the waterline, and is often matched with stone tiles around the pool. Very much inspired by Roman and Grecian architecture!


Modern style pools are composed of clean, straight lines, often resembling simple geometric shapes. The water colour is often quite striking in contrast to the surrounding tiling, and some modern pools even feature elegant displays of mosaic tiles. Modern pools are simple and stylish, and would be well suited to those who are after something understated.


Hot tip: When choosing a pool style, consider what you’d ultimately use the pool for – it may be to swim laps and exercise or to complement your backyard/landscape. Also consider how many people would use the pool as well. These factors will help you determine which pool will best suit your needs!

Tropical Pools

As the name suggests, tropical pools feature elements of tropical destinations – waterfalls, palm trees and flourishing flora. To enhance the tropical theme, some pools feature tiles and mosaics of sea creatures like fish, dolphins, turtles and seashells. Tropical pools can also feature rocks and boulders to create a naturalistic feel.

Traditional Pools

Traditional pools are the most common type of pool. Often kidney shaped, these pools have brick or paving stone bordering the edges and can include a spa that merges with the main body of water. This style is suitable to any backyard or house style because of the relaxed design and classic style.

Hot tip: Can’t choose a style? You can always combine styles to create a unique look to suit your individual needs or match the style of your home. 

At Mainstream Pools we can ensure that whatever style of pool you choose, your pool will be constructed within the highest standards. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll only receive the best results when our team creates your dream pool! 

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