Salt Water vs Chlorine Pools

Salt Water vs Chlorine Pools

When looking at having a pool installed, there’s one very important question on most people’s minds: do they get a salt water pool, or stick with the traditional chlorinated pool? If you’re new to pool maintenance this can be quite a daunting decision, particularly if you don’t know any of the specifics when it comes to pool cleanliness. In the end though, neither type of pool is necessarily better than the other, and your decision will depend on which one suits your lifestyle more.

Salt Water

Salt water pools started to emerge during the 1980’s as a more natural way to help keep your pool clean. In the beginning, salt water pools can be quite expensive due to the technology required to have salt pumped through the pool. From that point onwards, it can be relatively easy to maintain compared to a chlorine pool. Also, due to the much lower chlorine levels that are present, the pool water won’t sting your eyes as much, and it won’t be as harsh on your swim wear. Some water parks around the world are also starting to convert their chlorine system into a saltwater system due to the amount of money they can save on maintenance. A huge benefit of saltwater pools is that you will only need to add salt to the pool when needed.

Chlorine Pools

Choline pools are the most common type of pool because of how easy they are to operate. It can be a bit more time consuming, as you’ll have to regularly do pH checks to ensure that the water and chlorine is in balance. Every time extra water is added to the pool – usually from rain – or when it is removed from the pool through evaporation, the pH can become unbalanced again. An advantage of chlorinated pools, however, is that they are much better at preventing algae growth. Chlorine pools are also much cheaper to set up initially compared to their salt water counterparts, as the equipment needed to run a chlorine pool is less expensive.

Whilst both types of pools have their benefits, deciding which pool is right for you is very much dependent on your initial budget and how much time you are willing to spend maintaining your new pool.

Regardless of which type of pool you get, the most important thing is this: Enjoy it!

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