So Long Winter, Hello Spring

So Long Winter, Hello Spring

The cold Winter months are almost over for another year, which means that things will soon be heating up again as we enter Spring. While most people are more than ready to jump right into their pool as soon as the warmth hits, most pools probably won’t be ready after the months of neglect that tend to result from Winter. Pool maintenance tasks may seem rather demanding at first, but getting your pool into prime condition for Spring will definitely be worth it when you want to cool down with a swim as soon as you need to. Check out these simple steps for getting your pool Spring-ready:

Clean the pool cover

Mainstream Pools recommend investing in a pool cover for your pool during the cold months to prevent excess tree debris from falling into your pool. Before taking off the pool cover, ensure you clean it of any debris. Also, if there’s any still water puddled on the cover, the best method to remove this water is to hire a pump that can pump the water off. If that’s not an option, simply ensure that none of this still water falls into the pool, as it may contain bacteria that you don’t want to make a home for itself in your pool. Where possible, clean any marks off of the cover with a high pressure hose. Once your pool cover is dry, fold it and store it in a cool, dry place.

Fill the pool

If your pool has lost some water during winter, you’ll need to fill it up. Pool water levels should be half-way up the skimmer box, to allow the water to properly circulate and let the filtration process work smoothly.

Clean the pool of debris

If you didn’t give your pool a proper clean before covering it up for the cold months, or you don’t use a cover at all, you’re going to need to clean your pool of debris. This process can be carried out using a skimmer or a pool vacuum, whichever you prefer. If you don’t ensure sticks and leaves are removed as soon as possible, they may cause havoc to your filter box, and no one wants to be swimming among sticks and leaves anyway.

Clean the filter

If, like most pool owners, you’ve been ignoring your pool filter over the Winter months, now is the perfect time to give it a clean. If you have a cartridge filter, simply remove the cartridge and give it a hose down, making sure to get rid of any grime you notice. Alternatively, if you have a sand filter, set the filter to the backwash setting before returning it to its normal setting. From here, the filter is good to go, and soon your pool will be, too.

Shock therapy

Now it’s time to test your pool’s water quality and give it some tough loving via shock therapy. Many pool owners will be aware that every so often you should shock the chlorine level above 5ppm so that any dead algae, bacteria and skin cells will oxidise. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to balance your pool’s pH level and get it back to swimmable conditions.


By following the above steps your pool will be ready to go swimming in in no time!

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