Splash back into summer!

Splash back into summer!

As the seasons change and summer rolls in with full force, there’s no denying that a Queensland summer’s day is simply like no other – endless blue skies and scorching hot temperatures.

However, if your pool is neglected and not properly maintained during the colder months of the year, you could find yourself with a costly and time consuming job having to resurrect your swamp like pool, come summer.

To ensure your pool is ready to make a splash at the first signs of summer, follow Mainstream Pools easy winter pool maintenance guide:

1.     Scrub

While your pool is likely to remain untouched over the winter months, it still requires ongoing maintenance. At the beginning and middle of winter, thoroughly scrub the pool tiles. Not only will this remove any existing debris, it will also prevent algae from growing as the pool lays dormant over the winter months.

1.     Shock

A shock treatment consists of adding a high dosage of chlorine to the pool water, to keep the water fresh. Mainstream Pools recommend doing this procedure in the weeks leading up to winter and again in mid-Winter to ensure the water is ready to jump into, come summer. Don’t forget to run the pool pump for at least three hours after adding the chemicals to allow it enough time to spread evenly throughout the pool.

2.     Levels

At the beginning of winter, do a thorough inspection of your pool to ensure the pH, chlorine and alkaline levels are within the normal range.

3.     Covers

If you are planning to take a sabbatical from swimming during winter, be sure to cover your pool with a pool blanket. This is an effective way of preventing dirt, leaves and debris from blowing into the pool and clogging the filter and making an unsightly mess.

4.     Run

While many pool owners think that leaving the pool running when it’s not being used is a waste of money, time and electricity, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. During winter, Mainstream Pools strongly recommend running the filters and cleaning systems for a few hours each week to ensure the water is clean and the system is operating normally.  

Come summer, our first instinct on a scorching day is to jump into the pool and enjoy the instant refreshment. Don’t let the harsher and colder weather conditions let you forget the feeling of diving into the pool on the first day of summer. Take control of your pool this winter, and enjoy the benefits all summer long! 

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