Top Toys for Your Pool this Summer

Top Toys for Your Pool this Summer

With your new pool installed, it’s time to have some fun. The best way to ensure this is with pool toys. They’re not only a great way to have fun with your friends and family but are also more than capable in helping you to improve your swimming skills. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most fun and worthwhile pool toys around – suited for the whole family.

The Noodle

The noodle. A classic. It’s been a staple among pools since as long as you can remember! Perfect for building rafts, teaching your kids to swim, or just to play around with, they’re a colourful addition to any backyard watering hole. A fun and affordable item, we definitely recommend these this summer.

Inflatable Basketball Hoop

A bit more challenging, but definitely worthwhile. Hustle up a team and this game will definatey improve your swimming skills, and your fitness. For maximum levels of fun, we recommend you double up on toys and have players sit on a pool noodle through the game.

The Swan

Swan dive into this summer, or maybe just onto the back of a stylish and popular pool toy. They’re great for relaxing, while still keeping an eye on the younger ones in the pool. And if you’re trying to keep your hair dry, there’s no other toy we’d prefer.

Beach Ball

Our last pool toy for summer is a classic, the oversized beach ball. A colourful addition, it’s perfect for playing with a group, and improving your swimming skills. Our favourite is trying to balance on the ball underwater, it’s harder than you think! Knock the ball around in the water or outside on the grass or pavement, it’s a sure recipe for fun suitable for all ages and swimmers – just try not to knock it over your neighbour’s fence!

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