Winter Pool Maintenance in Brisbane – Don’t Skim Over It!

Winter Pool Maintenance in Brisbane – Don’t Skim Over It!

As the colder months roll in, most people overlook the fact their pools need some TLC. While only the most dedicated of swimmers choose to go for a dip in the middle of winter, your pool shouldn’t be neglected throughout the chilly season. Although winter pool maintenance in Brisbane does not need to be as rigorous as it is during the summer months, it is vital to keep the water clean and healthy, so your pool remains in top condition all year round.

It is a common misconception that a pool can go without proper maintenance, especially if no one is using it. A pool’s condition can deteriorate from barely swimmable to resembling a swamp if no effort is put in to keeping it fresh and sanitary. The cost required to restore a damaged pool back to ideal swimming conditions far outweighs any potential “savings” on the cost of chemicals and electricity required to run the pool during the winter months.

Healthy water standards

Mainstream Pools highlights the importance winter pool maintenance in Brisbane. We suggest that you periodically check the water balances, namely a pool’s chlorine and pH levels. The acceptable level for a pool’s pH level ranges from 7.2 to 7.6. Although bacteria typically flourishes in warmer climates, there is still the risk of algae and other types of scum growing in a pool, especially one that is poorly tended to. It is easy to forget the significance of chlorine as part of your winter pool maintenance, but it helps protect the pool against bacteria. You can check out how much chlorine is in a pool, by using a test kit, in the form of a three-way “dip stick”, or a colour drop.

Pool Equipment

A stagnant pool is a potential breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria to grow, which is why water circulation plays a key role in a maintaining a healthy pool during winter. Keeping the water in motion helps prevent the growth of algae and other bacteria, while also ensuring chemicals in the pool work effectively throughout the entire volume of water.

During the winter, pool equipment running time can be reduced between four to six hours a day, to ensure the equipment stays in good working order, while also helping to keep the pool clean.

Keep on top of your winter pool maintenance by cleaning out your pool filters prior to the season setting in. Mainstream Pools recommends to check your pool’s equipment regularly, such as the skimmer basket and the pump lint pot, cleaning them out regularly, as blockages from debris such as fallen leaves, branches, or a buildup of soil, may cause damage to the pump.


This is probably the toughest part of winter pool maintenance, but it makes all the difference with how much you use the pool throughout the warmer months of the year, especially in a typical Queensland climate.

Vacuuming the pool with a robotic cleaner or “creepy crawly” prior to winter is a great start to keeping the pool’s floor and walls free from an algae or scum build up. Brushing is another technique to use on top of your usual robotic cleaner. Brushing the walls and floor of your pool regularly will extend the life of a pool by preventing algae, calcium and other minerals from forming on the pool’s surfaces.

Reaping the Rewards

The short term benefit of regular winter pool maintenance in Brisbane is a clean, clear pool that sparkles no matter what the weather throws its way. While it means putting in a bit of extra elbow grease during winter, when it starts to warm up again, the pool has been kept at a healthy standard, and you won’t have to fork out any unnecessary maintenance costs. But most importantly, it means our pool is safe to swim in and will be a recreational activity for you, your family and your friends to enjoy for years to come.

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